Natural Diamonds Vs Laboratory Diamonds?

Natural Diamonds Vs Laboratory Diamonds?

Natural VS Laboratory

Natural and Laboratory Diamonds have received significant attention in the media. What distinguishes these two types of diamonds? And how, if at all, does this distinction impact the way you buy them? In short, Natural Diamonds are grown in the ground, Laboratory Diamond share the same makeup however grown in a Laboratory. Same product, different environment. 

Whether you are purchasing a Natural or Laboratory diamond, in my opinion you are purchase not for financial gain, but to commemorates a very special moment in ones life and almost to become cherished family heirlooms. Although there are diamonds that represent great investments most notably Argle Pink diamonds.

I raise this as we often hear people talk about the 4 C's; Cut, Clarity and Colour. These are all important but the next 2 are even more so, Cost and Comfort.

Cost is the one C that is relay important to us at BY David as we would like our clients to be comfortable with there purchase. 

Comfort is all about your purchasing experience, from who you dealing with, to the design, after care; the whole purchasing and after purchasing experience.  At BY DAVID we pride ourselves on creating solid client relationships that will last well into the future.  

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